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A singular focus on ventilator liberation since 1991. Our expertise and commitment are unmatched.

Ten Thousand Patients. One Mission.

Each critical care patient presents a set of unique challenges. And those challenges are amplified when experts are distributed throughout the hospital and have multiple accountabilities. An impact of this approach is lower clarity on recovery goals, leading to lengthier hospital stays and a higher probability of hospital-acquired infections and readmissions.

That's why we've made ventilator weaning the focus of our efforts for the past 30 years.

Ventilator liberation enables faster recovery.

We centralize every vent-dependent patient into a single special care unit. Doing so allows us to assemble the highest concentration of health care providers, from respiratory therapists to case managers, all in service of accelerating patient recovery.

The outcomes are nothing short of world-class.



We employ tracking technology to ensure we have a real-time view of patient engagement and to optimize the utilization of our people. Our Healthcare Innovation (HIMSS 2018) award-winning development of this productivity tool ensures that we efficiently utilize our human resources in service of patient care.

We utilize the most advanced ventilators, taking advantage of software that supports more natural breathing when compared to conventional mechanical ventilation.  We integrate the ventilator models into our standardized training and operations, further improving our patient care.

Embedded Knowledge

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals, who average nearly 20 years experience in critical care. Each role adheres to a strict protocol to ensure the highest level of care and the minimization of hospital-acquired conditions.

We are accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). 

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Infection Prevention

We place the highest priority on infection prevention. The simple fact is that patients who have prolonged hospitalizations are more susceptible to hospital-acquired infections.


Therefore, we place significant emphasis on evidence-based methodologies and standards of practice to reduce or prevent the spread of infections. Every team member adheres to these standards.  

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