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Special Care Unit is the leader in ventilator weaning

Critical care patients present a range of unique challenges for hospitals and their staff. Our team is purpose-built to meet those challenges head-on with a level of passion, insight, and performance that is nothing short of uncommon.

Special Care Unit delivers significant value to hospitals and health plans with virtually no investment in equipment or staff. We boast the industry’s highest ventilator weaning rate and its lowest readmission rates, while never losing focus on patients and their families. 

The outcomes are dramatic improvements clinically and financially.

Tampa General Hospital Renews Ventilator Rehabilitation Agreement with Special Care Providers

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For ventilator-dependent patients, weaning is the most important step toward recovery.

  • Our liberation rate exceeds 83%; more than 40% higher than the national average.

  • We reduce hospital stays by an average of 9 days; 32% lower than the national average.

  • Our readmission rate 30 days after discharge, is less
    than 6%.

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We put ventilator-dependent patients at the center of everything we do.

Intensive care patients are typically spread throughout a hospital. This inefficient approach limits patient access to hands-on care and increases the logistics of care delivery.

We do things differently by centralizing all ventilator-dependent patients in one unit. Our team is located side-by-side with patients, increasing both access and rehabilitation frequency.

Our time-tested, accelerated methodology is high-intensity and holistic, challenging the traditional care delivery to vent-dependent patients. Highlights of our approach:

  • All vent-dependent patients are consolidated in one unit

  • We deliver multiple therapies, multiple times daily

  • A registered Respiratory Therapist on the unit 24/7/365

  • Our team is solely dedicated to the unit. No exceptions.

The result? World-class care for hospitals, patients, and families.

Uncommon challenges require an uncommon approach

They really pushed me to never give up.

I remember one time I totally wanted to give up. I was done. I was sitting and crying. And every single person said, 'It's OK to have a bad day, but don't give up. We're not letting you give up.'

They are amazing people. I appreciate them more than anything.

Jock Allen_1.jpeg

Fully recovered NHRA Champ visits SCU after victory. 

A year after a 32-day hospital stay due to COVID-19, including three weeks on a ventilator, Jock Allen visited the SCU team at UAB to share his gratitude for his recovery and to share the joy of winning a championship.


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My hat's off to the Special Care team.

Since Tampa General started working with Special Care the results have been outstanding. The team is engaged and committed to excellence. 

They have become part of the TGH team and work within the fabric of our organization.

John Couris, CEO -- Tampa General Hospital

We pioneered a multi-disciplinary protocol that delivers therapies several times a day, all in service of liberating patients from ventilators.

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